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ION Harbour is excited to announce an exclusive wine dinner with biodynamic Sicilian winemaker Arianna Occhipinti at ION Harbour on Thursday, June 6th, in collaboration with Philippe Martinet Fine Wines.

This exclusive event, hosted by biodynamic winemaker Arianna Occhipinti, will feature a selection of canapés and a five-course meal, each course expertly paired with wine from her vineyard, followed by carefully chosen digestifs to conclude the evening. Full menu can be found here.

Arianna Occhipinti’s winemaking, which emphasises biodiversity, and a respectful relationship with the land, utilising biodynamic, organic and natural farming practices, aligns well with Simon Rogan’s farm-to-table ethos, which is guided by hyper-local ingredients that are harvested, fished or foraged by the most sustainable regional producers.

Arianna’s winemaking journey began 18 years ago in a magical place called Fossa di Lupo in Vittoria, where the land turns reddish in the evening. From this first hectare of land, they extended into the districts of Bombolieri, Pettineo, Bastonaca, Santa Teresa, Serra d’Elia and Santa Margherita. Arianna’s philosophy ensures biodynamic techniques in the vineyards, and natural wine-making processes in the cellar, producing healthy, honest, “human” wines.

The first virtue I learned from making wine was acceptance. Accepting the variety of the soil, the slope of the land, the altitude, and the unique character of the vineyard. Acceptance implies respect. Respecting the land and its natural balance. Respecting the vineyard by using wise, sensitive agricultural methods. Respecting the fermentation process with the help of wild yeasts. Respecting the wine as I would a person– Arianna Occhipinti

Join us Thursday, 6th June, 19:00 at ION Harbour. Price is €215 per person and prepayment is required.
To book, contact Philippe Martinet Fine Wines on +356 99511 787 or